Monday, March 31, 2008

Something New

So I tried something new this weekend. Having 2 weeks of beard growth I decided to try a straight razor shave at a local barber. I've seen it on tv/movies several times and the idea is pretty romantic. I made my appointment for 11am on Saturday. After getting the ok from the barber, I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and walk Finster to the barber shop. When Finster and I got there no one was in the shop so we went in and I put Finster in the back room so he wouldn't be in the way.

Then I sat down and got the nice how towel on my face. The barber took one look at my beard and asked (hoped) that I was a goatee wearer, I'm not. Then he said it was too long and he would have to trim it first with electric clippers. After the trimming he got to work on the beard. After an hour of hacking away at the beard I was fairly clean shaven. He missed a few long hairs around my lips (I always miss those too) and it really wasn't as close of a shave as say a Mach 28 (the ones with 84 razors). In the more difficult areas (coincidentally, the goatee hair) the straight razor pulled on my whiskers. When he was done he dashed some aftershave (which was full of alcohol) on my face, which burned for about 10 seconds, I paid him the $15 (plus tip) and walked out disenfranchised by the whole experience. In the end, I will never do it again. It took too long, and the results weren't great.


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