Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekend of 8/26-27:
We went to Chimney Bluffs today with the Finster roos. Here are the pictures...

Aug 27, 2006 - 10 Photos

If you couldn't tell, I think I've given up on the Blog :( and :) at the same time

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Day 229 - Friday (Let the suck begin):
This weekend E and I are setting up another booth for the Summer in the city event in Batavia for the store. It goes from Friday at 6-11pm and Saturday from 10am-11pm. Trust me, this is the last time we are doing this sort of event. Finster and I went to the store around 12 and ate lunch there. Then we went to my parents to get the truck (for the event). Finster tried playing with Fred but he was having no part of it. He growled at the poor pup every time he got near.
After visiting for a bit Finster and I got in the truck and took off. It took Finster a few minutes to figure out how to get into the truck. He got pretty excited about being able to sit right next to me but he completely calmed down once I started driving.
I took Finster back home and dropped him off and then came back to the store. The rest of the night E and I sat at our booth. When we got home, around 1230 Finster had pee'd a few times on the floor ;( Before I left for the store he did drink quite a bit of water and we were gone for about 10 hours. He was pretty excited to see us and had tons of energy. I played with him until about 1 and then went to bed.

Day 225-228 - (Monday - Thursday: Trip to Philadelphia):
I left on Monday morning on a plane to Philadelphia for a DevCon conference for work. E took Finster to the store every day with her. She loves taking him to the store mainly because it gives her someone to talk to when it's slow. She pretty much talks his ear off, but he doesn't seem to mind. I didn't hear any complaints from E through the week so it went pretty well. She spent almost every evening in the basement hanging out with Finster.

On Thursday E brought Finster to the airport to pick me up :) When I got in the car I got a barrage of licks to the neck, ear, cheek and eye ball. He was relentless! After the making out was finished he laid down and took a nap :) When we got home I gave E her gift (some chocolate) and then gave the pup his gift. I got Finster a full size soccer ball to play with. He LOVED it!!! I won it playing video games in Philadelphia at a corporate sponsored (FREE) event at Dave + Busters.

Day 224 - Sunday (Letchworth it):
Today we went to church online in the morning and then did some clothes shopping for my upcoming trip to Philadelphia. After shopping E and I took the pups to Letchworth for a nice little stroll. We also stopped in Perry to check out the competition (the other book store). When we got to Letchworth we drove around looking for a trail that we haven't yet hiked. We found a little 2 mile trail and took it. It was a pretty crappy trial mainly just through some bushes; nothing nice to look at. It was a loop trail and the last mile was all on the road. On the way back to the car we passed another hiker. She did the full 7 mile hike and had another 5 miles to go to get back to her camp site. We offered to give her a ride and she accepted. Finster LOVED having her in the back seat with him. He gave her many french kisses, which she seemed to enjoy.
When we got home Finster collapsed in the basement. I finished up my editing and packed. I finally finished everything up at around midnight :) nothing like last minute preparations!

Day 223 - Saturday (Boring Day):
Today we didn't do too much at all. In the morning, my backup girlfriend/sis-in-law and I went golfing at Chili Country Club (It's no GreyStone) for the morning (Finster waited patiently in the basement). When I got home I played with Finster a bit and then did some editing from the Geneseo photography that I did. During the evening E did some paperwork for the store, I edited some more and Finster was bored out of his mind. All in all a suck day for the Finst-a-roos.

Day 222 - Friday (The swimmer):
Man I'm behind. I don't remember what happened Wed or Thursday.

On Friday I had a meeting with my Financial Advisor (read Insurance Salesman). I brought Finster to this; we just met in an office on the other side of the building. Finster liked Brian, big surprise. He wiggled for a bit in front of him, then he laid down and napped while we chatted it up. He impressed Brian in his calm sleeping abilities :)

After work we went to my parents for a birthday party. Finster was so excited at the amount of people at the party. He greeted and slimed everyone. After this party we went to the inlaws for a corn roast. Finster thoroughly impressed everyone there. It was dark by the time we got there but this didn't stop Finster from heading straight for the pond. Without encouragement (me throwing a stick) Finster dove in and continued to swim laps for literally 30-60 minutes. He was just swimming in circles, although it's hard to tell because no one could see him in the water, just hear the splashing. We all started getting nervous so I got him out of the pond after maybe an hour. After he got out he proceeded to shake near Hiroko several times and roll around on the ground. He didn't really do too much after he got out of the pond, just walk around the fire and sniff stuff.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Day 219 - Tuesday (1337 Walking!):
Today for lunch Finster and I went to the canal for some walking. I had heard rumors of a way to get to the other side of the canal for some solitary walking. The paved side of the canal usually has tons of other walkers and dogs. I went to Clinton ave (where I heard the entrance was) and found an entrance, but it was for the paved side. So I turned around and presto!!! I found the Mecca of dog walking. I got Finster out and started walking. This path is great! I goes into the woods and is a decently maintained path. I didn't see anyone else on the path at all so I let Finster off his leash. It was great! Finster tended, too often, to run out ahead. When he got out about 20 feet from me I turned around and started walking the other way. After a few seconds Finster realizes what I did and comes sprinting back to my side. After doing this a few times Finster stayed closer to me and continually checked on where I was.

After work I dropped Finster off and went to finish up my Geneseo job. When I was done there I went to buy Finster some dog food and ended up getting him another toy. It's a rubber dumbell shaped toy with a cap so you can put water in it. He loved it! At first he was scared of it and did his little dance around it, threatening to bark.

Day 218 - Monday (Home):
Today Finster stayed home with mom. She had an appointment in the afternoon so she took Finster with her. At her parents Finster did a bunch of swimming in the pond. E said that she kept throwing out little sticks that Finster couldn't find in the pond. Eventually she gave up and went to the house and Finster just kept swimming laps :) Her dad actually had to call him out of the pond because he wouldn't leave the water :)
During her appointment E left Finster at her parents. While she was gone they took him up to the grandparents. I guess he got back into the sandbox and was playing in there for a while with the plastic toys :) such a kid!
When they got home I was already home; Finster bounded out of the car and gave me a big "hello dad" wiggle.

Day 217 - Sunday (R+R):
Today was a relaxing day, finally. We stayed at home pretty much all day. We started out with grand plans of going to Letchworth or some other hiking destination, but as it heated up we got lazy. Then around 11 the inlaws called and said they were going to come over :) so that decided for us. Finster thoroughly enjoys their company and wiggled by their sides when they got there. He followed us around the yard tour and then helped us measure our plans for a walkway. By helping I mean trying to eat the tape measure, much to the enjoyment of the onlookers.
The inlaws left around 4 or 5 and then E and I did nothing yet again :)

Day 216 - Saturday (This dog's life sucks):
Today was another sucky day in the life of my poor puppy dog. It started out well enough with a nice long walk. Then at around 930 I left for my 2nd job, photography. I worked from 10-12 and then came home to let Finster out, and then went to my last Baseball game of the season (we lost). After the game I went to the store to mow the lawn. We got home at around 5, showered, let the dog out, and then went to Rochester at 545 for Denise's birthday. We didn't get home until around 1ish and the puppy was quite excited to see us :) We played with him for about 30 minutes and then went to bed.

Day 215 - Friday (Ostricized 2):
Today Finster became a man (again). On Friday's E has to do a kids reading at Berry Patch Kids and on this Friday we had a visitor from NJ so our only option was to leave Finster at home, alone, all day! I started off the day with a nice long walk to tire him a bit. E said that she felt horrible leaving the poor guy home all day. But, he is after all a dog; and 99.9% of all dogs get left home alone all day during working hours. He did fine, I think he might have chewed up one Gap bag, not bad!
After work we did a whole lot of nothing, which consisted of reading and playing with Finster. During this nothingness I went to the dollar tree and got Finster a rubber tug toy. After dinner I gave it to him and he shredded it in a record setting 5 minutes. My quest of finding something that Finster can't shred has been thwarted again.

Day 214 - Thursday (Ostracized):
Today for lunch we went to the canal park to play with Oscar. These two dogs are a bunch of knuckleheads. About 1/2 way through playing I threw out a plastic water bottle for Finster to retrieve. I'm not sure who actually went to get it but it ended up along the shore about 20 feet away from the launch. Ivan and I couldn't go get it so we had to try to convey our intentions to our dumb dogs. We were able to get both Oscar and Finster in the vicinity of the bottle but neither would bring it back, or even pick it up. I was throwing rocks at it trying to get Finster to pick it up which only made Finster stick his head in the water to retrieve the pebble. Ivan was continually saying "Find it, Find it, Find it" which caused Oscar to stare at Ivan. Good times.

After lunch Finster got his own room on the other side of our office building (by himself) as we thought someone from NJ was coming for the afternoon. His plane got delayed so he never showed until after 6. Finster didn't seem to mind too much.

Day 213 - Wednesday (Drumming):
Man it's been a week since I've updated, I suck. Lets see if I remember what the crap we did.

For lunch we went to the canal boat launch, alone :( After a few retrieves Finster started digging in on the deconstruction of the boat launch. I took pictures this time (uploaded later). After work I dropped Finster off at home and then went to the store for the Drumming Event with Buffalo and Brandy. This was pretty fun! It was upstairs in the "air conditioned" room. The ac didn't really do too much to cool us though. There were 10 people upstairs on one of the hottest days of the year and we were all sweating. I got in tune with my inner self (or something) however.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Day 212 - Tuesday (Scoop):
Today for lunch Finster and I walked (big mistake) to the canal boat launch for a swim for the first time since Finster's surgery. I must note that today was the hottest day in Rochester for like 50 years or so. It was a scorcher, with a high of like 100. By the time we got to the launch I was sweating pretty bad. Finster greeted Oscar and then dove right in to chewing on the dock.) Then we played a little fetch with some sticks. I found a 5-6 foot stick/branch and launched that out into the canal. Finster, being the tough guy, went and got it every time :) The odd thing about Finster's retrieving skills is that you have to
1.) throw stick into water
2.) Finster looks at it
3.) gather some rocks
4.) throw 1 rock 1/2 way to the stick
5.) only then will Finster start swimming for the stick.
6.) occasionally he will get to where the rock splashed and then turn around
7.) at this point you throw another rock and try to hit the stick
8.) then he will make the retrieve.

He's one weirdo! About 10 minutes before we left another dog came over to join us. Scoop is a black lab/herding dog mix. Scoop is an excellent retriever also, she even jumps off the dock (instead of chewing on it) like a good dog should! I need to teach Finster this. My few attempts of getting Finster to follow Scoop off the dock failed miserably.
After the swim Finster slept until around 4ish.
After work we went to the store. Finster got to roast outside (in the shade) in his fenced in area. Before we closed up I took Finster for a walk over to the Chinese restaurant (our new favorite local diner). I tied Finster up to a post and put him in a sit/stay position and went in to grab our grub. When I came back out Finster was still in the sit/stay :) Such a good dog!

Day 211 - Monday (Home with mom) :
Today Finster got to stay home with mom. I love getting home to see his big body wiggling in delight like he's still a little puppy.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

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The first 2 pics are from Erin from last weekend.

Day 211 - Sunday (The barn):
Today was another busy, family day. We started out by going to the inlaws for lunch. Finster laid on the deck during the whole lunch. It was much too hot to be doing anything. After lunch the neighbor's dog, Sadie, came over to play with Finster. She kept trying to coax him across the road back to her house. He would go into the front yard but wouldn't go near the road :) So I went with him and held onto his collar to take him across the road to play in the big yard. They ran and tackled each other for about 15 minutes and then called the game due to heat. A bit later Sparky showed up. They did pretty good today. They, for the most part, ignored one another.
In the early afternoon we went up to Grandma Glads to visit Chad. I brought Finster up on his clothes line rope. He was being so good that I eventually took that off of him. He played in the sand box for just about the whole time we were there :) he kept getting toys out putting them on the ground outside the sandbox and then going back for more toys; such a kid. With one of the toys I threw while sitting in my chair, Finster went for it (he still had his rope on at this point) and the rope wrapped around my sandal and yanked me to the ground; to the enjoyment of everyone watching. Before we left Finster and I went and took some shots of their barn (see above). He loved looking and sniffing around the inside of that sucker!
After we left the Grandparents we went to my sister's for an hour. Finster got to play with Cocoa, but was already too hot and tired to play for very long.
Then to a graduation party, then my parents house, and then back to the inlaws and finally home at 9pm; phew.

Day 210 - Saturday (Busy day... In the basement):
Today was a scorcher, but Finster was cool. I played some golf from 9-1230 and then came home and let Finster out. Then I went to Batavia for my last, regular season baseball game. This got over at 330 and then I went to the store to mow. E and I got home around 530 and did nothing for the remainder of the evening, and it was great. Finster had some serious energy to use up when we finally got home!

Day 209 - Friday (Slater):
Today for lunch we went to the canal for a bit. It was too hot again for Finster so we only walked for about 30 minutes. After work I went and took some more EA shots and left Finster back at work. I came back for him around 7ish and then we went to PetSmart for some toys. Finster's been chewing on milk jugs and logs/sticks for weeks now so it's time for a change. I, of course, took Finster in with me. Finster picked up a few things, sniffed many more things, and made friends with a beagle. While we were looking at the plush toys one of the clerks came over and asked to pet Finster. This got him all excited a wiggly. I told her I was looking for a plush toy that he couldn't shred in 10 minutes. At this point another clerk came over and pointed me to the tough plush toys. The sucker we got was an Aligator (we later names Slater) which was some thick canvas with seatbelt reinforced backing inside. This sucker was one tough gator. The 2nd clerk guarenteed it for at least a month and said to bring it back if it didn't last, I had a feeling I'd be seeing him soon.
We got home and ate dinner and then E and I gave Finster Slater. Finster's a pretty smart fella; he went straight for the weak spot, the legs. He chewed on the first leg for about 2 minutes, got that off and then de-stuffed the toy. Then proceeded on to the other 3 legs. He had the toy shredded in 30 minutes! He continued to play with the remains for the rest of the weekend.

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