Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Day 219 - Tuesday (1337 Walking!):
Today for lunch Finster and I went to the canal for some walking. I had heard rumors of a way to get to the other side of the canal for some solitary walking. The paved side of the canal usually has tons of other walkers and dogs. I went to Clinton ave (where I heard the entrance was) and found an entrance, but it was for the paved side. So I turned around and presto!!! I found the Mecca of dog walking. I got Finster out and started walking. This path is great! I goes into the woods and is a decently maintained path. I didn't see anyone else on the path at all so I let Finster off his leash. It was great! Finster tended, too often, to run out ahead. When he got out about 20 feet from me I turned around and started walking the other way. After a few seconds Finster realizes what I did and comes sprinting back to my side. After doing this a few times Finster stayed closer to me and continually checked on where I was.

After work I dropped Finster off and went to finish up my Geneseo job. When I was done there I went to buy Finster some dog food and ended up getting him another toy. It's a rubber dumbell shaped toy with a cap so you can put water in it. He loved it! At first he was scared of it and did his little dance around it, threatening to bark.


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