Saturday, August 19, 2006

Day 229 - Friday (Let the suck begin):
This weekend E and I are setting up another booth for the Summer in the city event in Batavia for the store. It goes from Friday at 6-11pm and Saturday from 10am-11pm. Trust me, this is the last time we are doing this sort of event. Finster and I went to the store around 12 and ate lunch there. Then we went to my parents to get the truck (for the event). Finster tried playing with Fred but he was having no part of it. He growled at the poor pup every time he got near.
After visiting for a bit Finster and I got in the truck and took off. It took Finster a few minutes to figure out how to get into the truck. He got pretty excited about being able to sit right next to me but he completely calmed down once I started driving.
I took Finster back home and dropped him off and then came back to the store. The rest of the night E and I sat at our booth. When we got home, around 1230 Finster had pee'd a few times on the floor ;( Before I left for the store he did drink quite a bit of water and we were gone for about 10 hours. He was pretty excited to see us and had tons of energy. I played with him until about 1 and then went to bed.


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