Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Day 218 - Monday (Home):
Today Finster stayed home with mom. She had an appointment in the afternoon so she took Finster with her. At her parents Finster did a bunch of swimming in the pond. E said that she kept throwing out little sticks that Finster couldn't find in the pond. Eventually she gave up and went to the house and Finster just kept swimming laps :) Her dad actually had to call him out of the pond because he wouldn't leave the water :)
During her appointment E left Finster at her parents. While she was gone they took him up to the grandparents. I guess he got back into the sandbox and was playing in there for a while with the plastic toys :) such a kid!
When they got home I was already home; Finster bounded out of the car and gave me a big "hello dad" wiggle.


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