Thursday, August 03, 2006

Day 212 - Tuesday (Scoop):
Today for lunch Finster and I walked (big mistake) to the canal boat launch for a swim for the first time since Finster's surgery. I must note that today was the hottest day in Rochester for like 50 years or so. It was a scorcher, with a high of like 100. By the time we got to the launch I was sweating pretty bad. Finster greeted Oscar and then dove right in to chewing on the dock.) Then we played a little fetch with some sticks. I found a 5-6 foot stick/branch and launched that out into the canal. Finster, being the tough guy, went and got it every time :) The odd thing about Finster's retrieving skills is that you have to
1.) throw stick into water
2.) Finster looks at it
3.) gather some rocks
4.) throw 1 rock 1/2 way to the stick
5.) only then will Finster start swimming for the stick.
6.) occasionally he will get to where the rock splashed and then turn around
7.) at this point you throw another rock and try to hit the stick
8.) then he will make the retrieve.

He's one weirdo! About 10 minutes before we left another dog came over to join us. Scoop is a black lab/herding dog mix. Scoop is an excellent retriever also, she even jumps off the dock (instead of chewing on it) like a good dog should! I need to teach Finster this. My few attempts of getting Finster to follow Scoop off the dock failed miserably.
After the swim Finster slept until around 4ish.
After work we went to the store. Finster got to roast outside (in the shade) in his fenced in area. Before we closed up I took Finster for a walk over to the Chinese restaurant (our new favorite local diner). I tied Finster up to a post and put him in a sit/stay position and went in to grab our grub. When I came back out Finster was still in the sit/stay :) Such a good dog!


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