Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Day 209 - Friday (Slater):
Today for lunch we went to the canal for a bit. It was too hot again for Finster so we only walked for about 30 minutes. After work I went and took some more EA shots and left Finster back at work. I came back for him around 7ish and then we went to PetSmart for some toys. Finster's been chewing on milk jugs and logs/sticks for weeks now so it's time for a change. I, of course, took Finster in with me. Finster picked up a few things, sniffed many more things, and made friends with a beagle. While we were looking at the plush toys one of the clerks came over and asked to pet Finster. This got him all excited a wiggly. I told her I was looking for a plush toy that he couldn't shred in 10 minutes. At this point another clerk came over and pointed me to the tough plush toys. The sucker we got was an Aligator (we later names Slater) which was some thick canvas with seatbelt reinforced backing inside. This sucker was one tough gator. The 2nd clerk guarenteed it for at least a month and said to bring it back if it didn't last, I had a feeling I'd be seeing him soon.
We got home and ate dinner and then E and I gave Finster Slater. Finster's a pretty smart fella; he went straight for the weak spot, the legs. He chewed on the first leg for about 2 minutes, got that off and then de-stuffed the toy. Then proceeded on to the other 3 legs. He had the toy shredded in 30 minutes! He continued to play with the remains for the rest of the weekend.


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