Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The first 2 pics are from Erin from last weekend.

Day 211 - Sunday (The barn):
Today was another busy, family day. We started out by going to the inlaws for lunch. Finster laid on the deck during the whole lunch. It was much too hot to be doing anything. After lunch the neighbor's dog, Sadie, came over to play with Finster. She kept trying to coax him across the road back to her house. He would go into the front yard but wouldn't go near the road :) So I went with him and held onto his collar to take him across the road to play in the big yard. They ran and tackled each other for about 15 minutes and then called the game due to heat. A bit later Sparky showed up. They did pretty good today. They, for the most part, ignored one another.
In the early afternoon we went up to Grandma Glads to visit Chad. I brought Finster up on his clothes line rope. He was being so good that I eventually took that off of him. He played in the sand box for just about the whole time we were there :) he kept getting toys out putting them on the ground outside the sandbox and then going back for more toys; such a kid. With one of the toys I threw while sitting in my chair, Finster went for it (he still had his rope on at this point) and the rope wrapped around my sandal and yanked me to the ground; to the enjoyment of everyone watching. Before we left Finster and I went and took some shots of their barn (see above). He loved looking and sniffing around the inside of that sucker!
After we left the Grandparents we went to my sister's for an hour. Finster got to play with Cocoa, but was already too hot and tired to play for very long.
Then to a graduation party, then my parents house, and then back to the inlaws and finally home at 9pm; phew.


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