Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Day 215 - Friday (Ostricized 2):
Today Finster became a man (again). On Friday's E has to do a kids reading at Berry Patch Kids and on this Friday we had a visitor from NJ so our only option was to leave Finster at home, alone, all day! I started off the day with a nice long walk to tire him a bit. E said that she felt horrible leaving the poor guy home all day. But, he is after all a dog; and 99.9% of all dogs get left home alone all day during working hours. He did fine, I think he might have chewed up one Gap bag, not bad!
After work we did a whole lot of nothing, which consisted of reading and playing with Finster. During this nothingness I went to the dollar tree and got Finster a rubber tug toy. After dinner I gave it to him and he shredded it in a record setting 5 minutes. My quest of finding something that Finster can't shred has been thwarted again.


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