Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tilly and the Wall

Last night we went to see Tilly and the Wall at the Mohawk Place in Buffalo. Those Tillies really know how to party! They started out their show by passing out balloons for people to blow up. That turned into a massive keep-the-balloons-in-the-air party. This was fantastic as the waiting while a band sets up is usually horribly boring. It would have been especially horrible last night as it was about 90 degrees in there and about 90% humidity, and no air conditioning. Tilly really filled the place up which didn't help with the heat/humidity. When they came the place went nuts (as nuts as about 200 people can get) and dancing and singing ensued. Everyone was drenched in sweat by the 2nd song but we were all having a great time! The sound wasn't fantastic, but their energy made up for any technical shortcomings. Plus, they just look fantastic! Here's the proof.


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