Thursday, September 25, 2008

Further Power Saving Studies (Monitor)

Continuing my previous power study I tested out my two work monitors today to see what differences are between power saving mode, active, black, etc. for both LCD and CRT monitors. Both are 20" monitors so they are a fairly good comparison.

Monitor Type Action Wattage
CRT Regular Background - ON 103W
LCD Regular Background - ON 43W
CRT Black Background - ON 79W
LCD Black Background - ON 41W
CRT Off 0W
LCD Off 0W
CRT Power Saving Mode 0W
LCD Power Saving Mode .6W
CRT Using Blackle - Black Google 82W
LCD Using Blackle - Black Google 40.9W
CRT Using Regular Google 104W
LCD Using Regular Google 43.4W

Clearly LCDs are much more energy efficient, and Blackle actually makes a little difference. I guess I shouldn't leave my CRT (2nd monitor) on all day with just my email client in it.


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