Friday, July 25, 2008

So, I found $500 in the trash yesterday

Last week I made a $500 deposit, and, as usual, threw out the deposit receipt. I checked the account yesterday and noticed that that deposit hadn't posted yet. I called the customer support for our bank and they sounded pretty doubtful that anything could be done without the receipt, wtf, don't banks keep good records of stuff like this? They recommended going to the physical location that I made the deposit and try my luck there.

After I got off the phone I started rummaging through the trash hoping to find the crumbled up receipt. I eventually found it in the 3rd trash bin and it just about made my day. I called support back and they righted to wrong. Apparently, the teller had put a 6 in where there should have been a 9 in my account number.

Moral of the story, be sure to file your deposit receipts someplace other than the trash can.


sporter Mon Jul 28, 11:58:00 AM  

Did you do the deposit at a teller?

I don't trust humans, I do all my banking (including deposits) at an ATM and I don't keep receipts. ATMs don't misskey numbers. :)

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