Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why chicks (should) dig geeks

Our bookstore uses a generic point of sale software (Quickbooks POS) which has some serious shortcomings. One of which is that you can't search your purchase orders for a particular book/item. This is rather annoying because there are times when we want to figure out when we ordered a certain book, who we ordered it from, how much we paid for it, etc. before the book actually comes in. Currently, we have to go to each open purchase order and see if the book is on it. When we started this wasn't much of a problem because we didn't order much, now we are ordering twice a week and therefore we tend to have a lot of unfilled purchase orders.

Last night I figured I'd help my wife out and extend the pos-addon that I wrote previously. It took me about an hour to add a button and a dialog to search the existing purchase orders for some entered text using the same QBPOS-SDK that I used previously. I guess if you are going to have lacking software (QB-POS) then the least you can do is release an SDK so we can prod the internal db; and, if you are going to marry, it might as well be a geek!


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