Friday, January 13, 2006

Day 10 (Wednesday) Another work day

He slept until 530 when one of my alarms went off and I went down to let him out. Then we played from 7-730, and left for work at 8. The ride in was uneventful. Finster fell asleep as soon as we got into the office. Finster slept until 11 when I took him out for a quick 15 minute walk, then back to his crate. At 1230 I took him out for his lunch run. He loose leash walked very well. We met 2 girls which he jumped all over. Then we went to the woods to walk the trail. There was a German Shepard in the woods with an older couple. Finster was curious, but a little shy. They didn't get close enough to sniff each other though. On the way back from the walk an old guy stopped his car and called us over to pet Finster. I asked the guy not to pet him until he sat. The guy agreed and Finster eventually sat. I'm going to try to do this from now on when strangers approach. We went on a 330 walk again with 3 Ron, Chris and Bill. Finster doesn't walk well with others around. He stops a lot more to sniff when others are around. Finster slept the rest of the afternoon away. The evening was uneventful. He played pretty much the whole night inside and had 1 accident and a few humping incidences and a biting when I got him too worked up.


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