Friday, January 20, 2006

Day 17, 18, 19 (Wed-Friday) Work days
Nothing special, just going to work every day. He is doing great at work, he has no verbal complaints ever. On Thursday I tried out his harness and seatbelt on the ride home. He bit at it and the seatbelt for about 10 minutes, then he calmed down and went to sleep. The same on Friday morning. Nothing new has happened by way of training. Still doing shake, come, sit/stay, sit everyday with varying degrees of success. We took a nice long walk for lunch today, now he is exhausted and snoring in his crate. Friday night my sister-in-law came over with her (we think) Daschund/Whippit mix named Sparky. It didn't go great, but about as well as expected. Either Finster doesn't know how to read doggy body language or Sparky doesn't now how to speak it because Finster chased after Sparky and Sparky just ran away and didn't really complain too much. After doing this for about an hour or so Sparky got fed up with it and lit into Finster. The little guy yelped and cried like a little baby. I separated them for about 15 minutes then brought Finster back in and crated him for a bit. Then I started feeding both of them within about a foot of each other with Finster still in his crate. Then I opened Finster's crate and continued doing the sits and feeds. After this Finster steered clear of Sparky and there were no more issues. When Finster came close Sparky would growl at him and Finster would back off. Hopefully Finster remembers that not all dogs like to play rough next time they meet.


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