Friday, January 13, 2006

Day 12 (Friday) WorkToday he slept (I slept) straight through to 7am again! I'm loving it, but feel like a bad papa :). Did the usual morning routine without incident. Did some more "lay downs" in the car, he isn't getting lay down very fast. Finster is certainly getting used to work now. He now knows where my office is. When he gets in his crate now he goes to sleep almost immediately. He slept until 1040 when I took him for a quick 20 minute walk. Then back to sleep until 1230 for his 40 minute walk. He did great loose leash walking this time. At 330 the boss's daughter came and walked with me, Finster and 2 other co-workers. Finster did really good with her, didn't jump much on her. I tried out the retractable leash and it worked well. At 5pm we went home, Finster was going to stay home alone for the first time as my wife and I were going out to eat. He did fine although he did leak a bit in his crate. He has quite a leaky problem, inconstanance I'm pretty sure. He dribbles quite a bit when playing, it's quite frustrating. He had one accident tonight and some more humping. Tonight when he humped I put him in the garage by himself for 2-3 minutes. This happened twice and he wasn't a fan. He also had problems with me putting the meds in his ears. I only managed to get one ear wet, I'll have to get the other tomorrow. He exhausted himself so much tonight that he went to his crate and laid down without me prompting him. Posted by Picasa


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