Friday, January 13, 2006

Day 8 (Monday) Vet Day

Today Finster stayed home with my wife. This was the first time he was without me for a significant amount of time. I took a 1/2 day today so that we could take him to the vet. I took him for his morning walk and my wife took him for the mid morning and noon walks. When I got home around 2 I played with him and worked more on his sit/stays. He got the 1 step down and some 2 steps during this session. His appointment was at 445 with the vet. When we got there he was a bit nervous of the new surroundings. Once he got inside and got sniffing he was more comfortable. Then a big dog came in and he got curious. The just sniffed each other and that was the end of it, good deal. Then the vet came and got us. The physical exam went over without a hitch, no whining or complaining. The shot on the other hand he hated. He cried for about 30 seconds. He also didn't like the ear crap the vet put in him. Finster ended up having worms so he got a de-worming pill in a treat which he munched down fine. After the vet we took him to the in-laws house. He walked around in a daze and then slept in his crate for most of the time there. The rest of the night he was in a daze from the shots, drugs and stress so he wasn't very playful. On his night walk we did some more sit/stays and he was able to consistently manage about 10 feet of distance! So smart! I'll try longer tomorrow.


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