Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day 4 - Finster Playing tug
Final Training day before the big test. Today I worked on lot on Finster being quiet in his crate. I was continuously leaving the room and sitting with him while he was in his crate. He spent a lot of hours in there on this day with me both in the room and out. I simulated an actual work day, I got up at 4am and let him pee, and then right back in his crate. Then at 7am I got up and ran him for 30 minutes and did the usual training; come, loose leash, and sits. Then I crated him and got ready for "work". At 8 I put him in the car in his crate and drove for 30 minutes round trip back home. Then I took him for a quick walk to pee, and then crated him again. He stayed in his crate with me sitting by his side (like at work) until 1030am, sleeping for a while. At 10:30 I took him for a quick 15 min walk to pee, and then right back in the crate. He whined a little and barked once or twice but not bad. He took another small nap which brought us to 12, lunch time. At noon I took him for another 45min walk, run, training session practicing sits, come, loose leash walking with and without a leash. After lunch he went back to his crate until 3pm. Each time he goes to his crate I refill his kong with dog food (about 10 kernels) and his rawhide stocking (5 kernels). He gladly goes to his crate now when he hears me rattle the kong. At this point he can get the food out of the kong in about 5 seconds. It takes him a bit longer to get them out of his stocking. At 3 he got another 15 minute pee walk, and then re-crated until 530pm. At 530 he got another 45 min walk, training and playing session. He did very well, and only barked in his crate a few times which stopped when I said "No". After the 600 walk he came back in and got crated while I ate dinner. He also slept until 8 at which point I took him out again for a little 20 minute run/pee/training session. After this we brought him in the basement and played with him inside for about 15 minutes. While inside if he isn't in his crate I keep my boots and jacket on in preparation for an emergency departure. When he loses interest in playing and starts sniffing I go in for the swoop and take him right outside. This usually happens after about 15 minutes of rough playing. He plays much harder in the house. I think he likes the confinement, outside is still too big for him to grasp. He also enjoys running up and down the deck steps, and the little ramp going up the steps that I put there for him. All in all, a very good day, he did well during the simulation and only barked a few times. Posted by Picasa


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