Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Day 14 (Sunday - Going home)
Sunday I worked on "Shake" a bit more and he started lifting his paw a few times, woot! We took Finster home to our parents houses for the afternoon. He did good at my in-laws, he pretty much slept the whole time. Then at my parents house he played a bit more with Tilly and Fred. They did much better this time and were running around with each other. He played in the house for about 20 minutes with Tilly with no peeing, woot. He also had his first encounter with a cat :) He was nervous at first but then started chasing it. The cat was defending himself by patting and clawing at Finster and my mom broke it up so he didn't get his eyeballs stratched. My dad loved playing with the little guy. He had some problems in his crate at my parents house. We crated him for about 20 minutes and went in the livingroom, he was in the kitchen. He pretty much barked the whole time, I don't know if the cat was bugging him, or he was just weirded out by the new place. Other than that it was a pretty good day. Finster is now sleeping through the night with no problems. I have been going to bed around 12 and getting up at 8 and he seems fine with it, and so do I. He is still dripping though, and still peeing occationally inside.


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