Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Day 13 (Saturday-Sabres Game)

Today I started teaching Finster "Shake". I just grabbed his paw after he sat and c/t him. I did this about 5 times and then went and played. He didn't really get it, just got exciting and jumped around. At around noon I went to the store to meet my parents and take down some Christmas lights. My parents were an hour late, but my sister and her kids were there. So Finster got to meet his cousins :) He did pretty good with them, he jumped on the 2 year old quite a bit though; he got excited seeing someone his own height. My parents followed me home to drop off some crap. They brought their two dogs Tilly and Fred. Fred is a little tiny dog and Tilly is about Finster's size. Fred didn't really want anything to do with Finster, it was too cold for him and Finster was too big. Tilly and him barked and growled at each other and Tilly (Female) kept trying to hump and scratch Finster (Male). After getting home around 3pm I was on a mission to tire him out as much as possible because we were going to a Sabres game at 6 and weren't going to be home until around midnight. By 6 we were fighting to keep him awake. When we got home at midnight there wasn't a problem at all. Finster was ready to get out but there were no mistakes in the crate.


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