Sunday, January 22, 2006

Day 20, 21 (Sat. Sunday Playing with kids)
On Saturday I took Finster to the store to see how he did in that situation. At the store he was left in the back room with Erica sitting in the next room (only about 8 feet from him). He did fine in his crate here too, he only whined a few times. Actually, I think he barked once or twice too. Saturday evening we took Finster to a friend's house for a little get together. I put his crate in the kitchen and he could see us most of the time. He did great here too. He didn't bark once. Our friends were nice enough to let him roam around their whole downstairs! He had never really been on nice carpet before and he loved it. He got lots of attention from everyone and he acted great. He was very playful and didn't have a single accident at their house! Needless to say he slept well Sat. night.

Sunday was another day on the road. We took Finster home first to the in-laws, he took a nap while we ate lunch and didn't make a peep. Then he walked with us around the yard. He followed us around and didn't attack a single tree! He did fall through the ice of the pond, but he was only ankle deep at the time, so no harm done, not that I think he would have minded. After the walk he got carted to my sisters for my nephew's 3rd birthday party. My dad loves Finster so he grabbed him and held him for about an hour while a bunch of kids petted and loved him the whole time. Finster just sat on dad's lap and wagged his tail, and snuck in an occational lick. He enjoyed my dad's mustache, I think there was some food still in it. After the screaming and crazyness that is a 3 year-old's birthday party me, my wife, and my neices and nephew took him for a quick walk in the woods and back yard. Then Finster went into his crate, which was outside (it was about 45 degrees today!) because my sister's chocolate lab was in the garage. I took Finster in there but Cocoa's bark was a bit much for Finster. Then we brought Finster back home and I took him over to meet the neighbor's big Chocolate lab. This didn't go so well :) Sedona is probably 80lbs and is all energy. I put Finster down and Sedona wanted to play, but she was a bit rough for the little guy and he got scared. I picked him up and let Sedona smell him for a while, then I took him back home.


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