Friday, January 13, 2006

Day 7 (Sunday)

Today was nothing special, I wanted to prepare Finster and my wife for Monday. On Monday I will be going to work alone and my wife will be staying home with Finster. I thought this might be weird to him because he really hasn't been without me at all since we brought him home. So today we both took him out for his morning walk. I gave the clicker and the food to my wife and had her run the show. I showed her all the steps that I took on his walks. He followed her around well and at one point I went inside and just let them be together. He did fine, apparently it's the food he likes, not me :). After the morning walk he got recrated for about an hour and a half while we ate and got ready to go to Rochester for some shopping. Finster did great in his crate on both the ride up and back, and in the car alone. When we got home we played from around 6-7 both indoors and out. Then he got crated for dinner and took a nap. He got back out around 8 to play inside. Stupid me, I started playing with him before I took him out to pee. He had an accident before I could get to the little guy after about 2 minutes of playing. Finster got crated again and then I took him back out around 10 and read a book with him on my lap until bedtime. He is so cuddly :) Today we practiced sit/stays a bit more. He can handle about 30 seconds of stay if I'm standing right in front of him. He also nailed a few sit/stays where I take 1 step back and hold for 1 second. The step back usual pulls him up though, but he got it like 4-5 times.


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