Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Day 15 (Monday Day off)
Man, getting up at 7am to play for 30 minutes in the freezing cold on your day off really sucks! Today Finster did really great. He has "Shake" down now and shakes every time. He also went to the door twice and rang the bell to go out. He also had an accident so I don't think he is house broken yet. We pretty much spent the day with him and just hung out all day. I did a bunch of work for the store and sat in the basement with him both in the crate and on his runner. In the past few days I've been putting Finster on a runner that goes the width of the basement. He doesn't seem to mind it anymore. He plays normal while on it so that's good. I think he just assumes it's a leash, which he doesn't mind anymore either. It's funny because he gets nervous if he is on the runner and I leave the room. He is fine in his crate if I leave the room, weird. I have been working more with the Sit/Stays and he can manage the width of the basement now and a few steps around the corner out of sight! This is pretty cool! He also had his first experience with ice today. I took him out back where we have a little creek and a big swampy mud puddle that have frozen over. He had a few falls which were quite funny :) He also got stuck in the creek and couldn't get out because it was "U" shaped and too slippery. At around 730 we watched Batman Begins and crated him the whole time, he was great and didn't complain a bit, he slept most of that time.


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