Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Day 24 (Wednesday -Working, big compliment)
This morning Finster got the compliment of his life. A co-worker from Korea came back from vacation today and said that Finster looked delicious! :) He had had dog before and claimed that the dogs that get eaten actually look like Finster, he said this while licking his lips. Pretty funny stuff. Another thing that has happened since Finster came into my life is that I continually talk in my sleep to my wife about him. Here is the conversation I had last night, I was sleeping and my wife was still up reading:

Finster: Already sleeping in his crate
Wife: Can you put my book on the night stand?
Me: Looking at her confused.
Wife: Just set it down.
Me: But what should I do with him?
Wife: \Laughing because she knows I'm out of it
Wife: Who?
Me: Finster.
Wife: \Now really laughing
Wife: What do you want to do with him?
Me: Put him in his crate.
Wife: \Laughing even more

After work we did some traveling. We went to the store and stayed there until 8ish, then home. Finster was getting anxious to get out and play by the time we got home. The evening past pretty uneventfully. Finster had another accident. He tends to drink a TON of water when we get home, and then we get playing and we forget to go out. He forgets to go to the door and I forget that he just drank 3 gallons of water. Finster is doing great with the sit/stays and being free in the basement. He wanders around and occasionally chews on something, but not bad. I taught him the word "Drop it" which he does really well.


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