Friday, January 13, 2006

Day 9 (Tuesday) Another work day.

Today I took him to work again for another full day at work. I kept to my usual schedule; walk/pee at 4am, walk, exercises from 7-730. Work by 830. On the way in I've started teaching him "Lay Down" in his crate. He tends to be tired again around 815 so when he lays down in his crate I say "Lay Down" and click/treat. This also stops him from sleeping in the car with me so that he can sleep during work. I have been doing this whenever he lays down in his crate and today he started laying down on command. He isn't quite 100% yet, probably only 30% but that's something. Finster slept from 830 to 1030 then out for a 15 minute walk and then re-crated. I took him for his big lunch walk at 1220 for an hour. We went into a trail in the woods and walked around the office park. We met some 2-3 year olds that wanted to play with him. He got too excited and jumped all over the poor kids. I really need to work on that. He also jumped on some other strangers he met. He got a little nervous about all the cars, and whined quite a bit. After laying in his crate for about an hour he tossed his lunch. I guess from running/feeding him at the same time, and because of the stress possibly. At 330 me and 2 friends took him for a walk around the office park. He did pretty terrible at loose leash walking. He stopped to sniff everything and was distracted by cars and strangers. We went home at 530 and did the usual schedule. Played a bit and he sat in his crate a bit. I've been playing with him more in the basement, he plays harder and he is getting the hang of not peeing indoors. He played inside for over an hour without peeing. We did some more sit/stays and he made it to about 15 feet. I've started teaching him to get his bone and the word "crate". He hasn't figured out either yet.


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