Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Day 16 (Tuesday - back to work)
We had a relatively normal work day today. It was raining, go figure for January 17th in Western NY! Yeah, Global Warming is a myth. Anyways, Finster's 1030 walk was splendid, he heeled great, no real problems on the leash. His lunch run got cut short to 30 minutes because he seemed agitated and a bit edgy outside. Then at 330 I took him out again but he just wanted to come back in the office, and it was raining and I had to prepare for a 4 o'clock meeting, so I gave in. A co-worker came over after the meeting and played with Finster from 5-530 so that was cool. Then we went to Petsmart and got a harness and pee-pad for the car. He is outgrowing his travelling crate so we need a new plan. The pad and the harness came to 51$!!! We got home and I tried it out on him, at first I fed him heavily with him in his harness so that he moved around in it a bit and got a little used to it. This worked pretty well and in no time he was ignoring it. Then I took him out to the car and strapped him in. He ended up chewing the seatbelt non-stop. I'm not sure he is ready for a crate-free ride yet. I think I'm going to take the harness and pad back today and get a little bigger crate for the car. Finster had quite a bit more energy at night than usual, probably because of the lack of exercise that he got during the day. He didn't have any accidents in the house though!


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