Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Day 22 (Monday-Home with mom)
Today Finster stayed home with mom while I went to work. He was in his crate alone from 11-2pm and he did fine. There were a few complaints about him whining and barking when he was in his crate if Erica left him alone and did some work upstairs. This is a bit bothersome, I hope it doesn't become a problem. There were also reports of him attacking some of our baby trees and the Winter flowering plants in Erica's garden, neither of which made Erica too happy. The time away seemed to have worked out. When I got home Finster was tired out, I don't think he slept too much while I was gone. On Saturday I exchanged one of Finster's crates for an XL just in case he gets huge. I brought this one to work and set it up, man it's really big! When I got home I played with him and did a bunch of sit/stays. He's doing great with these too. I can make it upstairs, stay up there for 3 seconds and then return all the way back to him and he stays the whole time! No accidents today, woot.


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