Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day 5: Finster's first Bath
First day at work.Woke up at 330am for a quick pee, 10 minutes and recrate him and back to bed. Woke up at 645am to start the day. I tried a different approach today. Instead of taking him outside first I ate breakfast and got ready for work, then took him out for his 30 minute pee/run/training session, which was much better for me. After this session I put him right in the car and drove to work. He did great in the car, only 1 bark, which got a "No". When I got to work I carried him into my office while he was in the crate, I can't afford any accidents at work. Put him in my office and sat down to start my day. Finster immediately fell asleep, so he was obviously comfortable in his new office, or felt secure in his crate. He slept straight through to noon somehow. He has never done this before. Everyone from the office came in and met him as he slept :) At 1210 he woke up and I took him outside for an hour run/walk/play with co-workers. About 5 people came out with me to play with him, he loved it. He also peed, and I found a good place for him to pooh. We did some loose leash walking to show off his skills and he did great. We also played some with his tennis ball and plastic dish. After lunch he went back into his crate, but didn't sleep at all, go figure. He ended up barking once, of course while the boss was in the next office. I took him out again at 3pm to go pee for about 15 minutes. I carried him back in and re-crated him with his usual filled kong and stocking. Then another co-worker came over and wanted to play, so I took him back outside for another 10 min. play/walk/pee session. Then back to the crate. Finster barked another random time between 330 and 530 when I left. He took a 30 minute nap and pretty much sat there and stared at the back of my head the rest of the time. Overall, the first day was a HUGE success. I got work done, and he was quiet 99% of the time. I took him home and played/walked/trained from 6-645, I started training Sit/Stays, then he got crated while I ate dinner, for some reason he wasn't happy about this crating. He barked himself to sleep after about 20 minutes, which got ignored. Perhaps because he spend all day by my side. He got back out of his crate at around 8 for more playing/training/walking. Then back to his crate from 9-10, then outside for peeing for a few minutes. When he came back in we played inside with him for about 20 minutes and then he got his first bath, which he loved because he is a lab, and because there was endless amounts of water for him to drink. Then he went back to his crate. I took him out one last time at midnight before I went to bed.


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