Thursday, January 26, 2006

Day 25 (Thursday - Vermont departure)
Tonight at 4pm I am leaving for a snowboarding trip in Vermont so Finster is staying home/work with the wife. By now we've gotten into a schedule that seems to work well and I'll document it now.

7am - Wake up, go downstairs and get Finster's daily ration of food ready (2.5 cups) and a bowl of water. Then let him outside immediately after taking him out of the crate. He is outside for like 5 minutes emptying his goods. Then back in and we play fetch for 30 minutes treating him on every return. He loves fetch in the morning.

728am - Take him back outside to pee again to empty the water he just drank.
730am - Re-crate while I get ready for work.
8am - Let Finster out and gather his stuff, let him pee outside and then put him in the car for work.
830am - Arrive at work and let him pee on the way in to work.
830-11am - Finster usually sleeps until 1030 or 11, sometimes all the way to 12.
11am - I take him out for a quick 5 min walk to let him pee. I give him a little water , not too much, before we walk.
1105am - Back in his crate, back to sleep.
1230 - Lunch walk - 30-45 minutes of running, leash walking and playing. He gets about 1/3 of his food and water here, and usually poops.
115pm - Back in his crate, to sleep
330pm - Take for a quick 5-15 minute walk to pee. I give him a little water here before we start.
530pm - Time for home, I usually just let him pee on the way to the car.
6pm - Arrive at home - let him pee/poop before going in. Then we usually play until around 630-645 during this time I give him plenty of water and most of his food.
7pm - I eat dinner, Finster is crated.
8pm - Take back out to play for an hour or so.
9pm - Re-crate after peeing.
10pm - Play a little more until bedtime at around 11pm.


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