Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Day 26-29 Thurs-Sun(Gone to Vermont Snowboarding):
This time away seems to have been a success. Erica and Finster got alone pretty good and Finster was good at the store most of the time, woot. There were a few peeing in the crate incidinces though, and some barking problems. The trip was great, we did lots of boarding and chillin. I won 35$ in poker, and pulled off a 180 off a jump before we left. On Sunday when I got back Finster was sleeping on the sabres beanbag chair. He woke up but could care less that I was home :(. Erica on the other hand was very happy to see me. I'm not sure if she missed me, or if she was sick of babysitting Finster.

Here are some pictures from the trip:
First day, cold!!
MMM food
Me on left
On my knees
Waiting for the peeps
The rest of the crew


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