Friday, February 17, 2006

Day 47 - Thursday (Work as usual):
Today was about as typical of a day as you can get. Finster slept straight through again. Then played, went to work, took the 1030 15 minute walk. At 1230 we took at 45 minute walk, and at 330 took another 15 minute. Finster did great as usual on his leash. On our 330 walk we met another fan in a different office. It's funny how many people watch you when you walk around with a little puppy :). Finster is still dripping as much as before, so there must be a problem. It's a big pain because he continually gets it in his fur and I'm not sure if I should give him a bath more often or not. I've read that you should only bathe labs once a month at the most or they will lose certain oils in their skin which will cause dry skin and flaking. It's tough because the lab book I've read and all the web sites I've been to all assume a healthy dog.


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