Monday, February 27, 2006

Day 57 - (Sunday One small step for Finster, one huge leap for dogkind):
Sunday we stayed home and worked for most of the day. I woke up (to silence) at around 7 and let Finster out, then I went back to bed, as did Finster, until 9. Then I got up and fed and played with him for a while. At around 10 or 11 I started working on my paper. I finished this up and submitted it around lunch. Finster is starting to learn his upstairs limitations. He now comes up to the top of the stairs and watches us. Occasionally, if we aren't watching he will run into the kitchen/livingroom. He knows he isn't supposed to so it's always with his tail between his legs. 90% of the time he just stands on the top step watching, it's pretty cute.

The afternoon was spent with E and I cleaning out the mess that is our junkroom. All the while Finster slept. He woke up around 5 and E and I played with him a bunch. We played some hide-n-seek, which he enjoys, probably because he gets food out of the deal. For dinner Finster watched us eat from the top step of the basement stairs, such a good doggy. We started giving him some carrots which he greatly enjoys!

After dinner Finster went back down stairs and slept for about 2 hours while I played some WOW and E read some. At around 930 I went to check on Finster and he was sitting patiently at the top of the stairs ;) E and I went back down to play with him until 10pm.

At 10 we went back up to watch some Seinfeld, Finster stayed in the basement playing for like 4 minutes and then came up the stairs again to the top. He couldn't see us, but he just sat there at the top of the stairs. Before we started the show I had the bright idea to put Finster in the entry way on the linoleum and see if he would stay there. We don't want him upstairs on the carpet because he drips still and the carpet would quickly become a smelly urine rag and because E has a strong dislike of dog hair. So, on the entry way linoleum he went with a big towel to lay on and a bone to chew on. After I carried him to the linoleum and had him sit/stay he ventured to the carpet once, and I replaced him then he settled down and chewed. After about 10 minutes he tried again by putting his two paws on the carpet. I said "Finster" and he backed up so that he wasn't touching the carpet! Amazing! We made it through 2 Seinfelds = 1 hour with Finster staying on the entry way. Granted he was entertained by his bone, but I think he knew what the deal was. Such a good dog!


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