Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Day 52 - Tuesday (Back to work):
Finster woke up barking again at 545am to go pee. The work day was pretty uneventful. We went according to the schedule. At 330 Ron, one of my co-workers offered to babysit for a while. He took Finster over to his office. He gave me a call about 3 minutes into the affair and told me to get over there quick. Finster found a little black plastic cap and had it in his mouth and Ron didn't know how to get it out. I fished it out and then took him back to his crate :) Ron had had enough, he said it was worse than a kid. Thank God for crate training! At 530 I played with Finster a bit in my office. At around 6 we went for a walk around the office park. I was meeting Erica at 7 for some dinner so I wanted to tire Finster out so he would sleep in the car while we were eating. We went down to the Crystal Barn plaza and there was a kids karate class going on. It was funny, Finster just sat and watched them for about 5 minutes. For a while he was pulling on the leash to try to get at them through the glass somehow but eventually he calmed down. He loves people, especially kids. The evening sucked! When Erica got home we did paperwork for the store for most of the night and Finster sat patiently in the basement :( such a good dog.


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