Sunday, February 12, 2006

Day 43 - Sunday (Bad habits and Going home):
Arrg, Finster woke me up at 5am again this morning. I would let him sit there and bark but I would rather get up than have to clean his crate. He went pee and such and then I went back to bed. He woke me up again at 730 barking so I let him out again. He didn't pee as much this time so I think he just wanted to get out, I should have called his bluff. At 830 he started barking again and I just let him this time, there was no way he had to go out again. I got up around 9 after he stopped barking. I let him out and then put him on the runner while I ate breakfast. Then I played with him a bunch. He will get his ball now on the "Get your ball" command, he actually searches for one now. We also did a "Leave it" lesson. I put 3 of his toys on the floor and 3 things he isn't supposed to have, and put his leash on him. When he went for something of his he got a treat, when he went for something that wasn't he got a leash correction. He had the toughest time with his favorite thing, my wife's glove. After about 10 minutes of me holding him back from the glove he finally got it. Whether it will stick or not, I don't know.


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