Thursday, February 23, 2006

Day 53 - Wednesday (Work work):
Up again at 545am with the barking. Fast forward to work, the 1030 walk got postponed until 11 because someone slept in. Bill and Chris went with us on our lunch walk, which was cool. He did decent with the loose leash walking, better than he used to with guests. We also had a visitor join us at the 4pm walk. It was a nice day out so I guess some peeps wanted to get outside. After work we went to Plymouth ave. to do some photography and then to the store to visit with Erica (open until 8). Then home at 9ish to do some more paperwork for the store. I finally finished with a 2 month backlog of book invoices, arg. When I was done with that I went to the basement to watch the dog whisperer with Finster. Not a very eventful day. Finster hasn't had an indoor accident in quite some time now, so I'd say he is completely housebroken.


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