Monday, February 27, 2006

Day 58 - (Monday - No dog day):
Today Finster stayed at home with mom. Apparently the day went ok. Finster spent a good deal of the day sleeping. E reported that Finster was clingy and wanted to sit on her lap all day :) I forgot to report that I Sunday Finster had 2 accidents. Both of which I'm going to chalk up to it being 5 degrees outside. Finster is not a fan of going outside. The first time Finster peed right at the door.

For lunch I went to UofR to take some shots for EA, I posted my favorite for the day. The UofR campus is stunning, and the clouds today were nice and puffy, perfect for photography.

When I got home I played with Finster until dinner, then worked on store stuff in the basement with the puppy. For dinner Finster rang the bell to go out, so I let him out to pee. Then 5 minutes later he rang again. I ignored this one thinking "wtc he just went out!". Well he went pee in the basement because I didn't let him out. At around 9 I came up and edited the EA pictures for submission. At 10pm I went back down and hung out with the dog until 11 when I put him to bed.


Anonymous Tue Feb 28, 09:35:00 AM  

Nice Picture, Son you do ,do goos work,
Good Idea with the bell, if he doesn't get like PeePee !!!! He rings it all the time..

Anonymous Tue Feb 28, 10:28:00 AM  

your mom can't spell or fingers are to big

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