Friday, February 24, 2006

Day 55 - (Friday - tgif)
This morning Finster woke me up at 515am, that's getting a bit old. I took him out to pee and then back in. He started barking again at 615am. This one got ignored, I knew he didn't have to pee so I called his bluff. Man, owning a dog is such a mind game, it's almost like being married :) He barked for like 10 minutes and then calmed down. He didn't bark again for the rest of the morning. I got up at 7 and played like usual. The "get your Frisbee" command didn't work too well this morning. He would get it only if I tied a steak to the back of the Frisbee and stood over it with a big neon arrow pointing at it. He attempted again to catch the Frisbee again, but seeing that he is as agile as a hippo, this proved fruitless. It, again, amounted to him blocking the airborne Frisbee with his head/face area, good try though. The ride in is always a competition with sleep. Finster tends to fall asleep half way through the 30 minute ride in to work. I try to keep him awake so he sleeps well at work. So just when he is about to fall asleep I whip out a nugget of dog food and get him to stand up again. Eventually he gets bored of this and just tries to get the food laying down. I usually lose the battle as we are pulling into work; he gets pretty upset when I wake him up to go in. :)

The lunch walk was cool, Finster, Bill, CA and I went to Walmart and then Bill Greys. Finster and I stayed outside during the Walmart portion; we walked around the parking lot a bunch. We also practiced sitting near the entrance. He did great. He sat there and watched people walk by, he was good for the people that ignored him, but if someone said, "ahh look at the puppy" he started going nuts. All-in-all the Walmart experiment went pretty well.

The afternoon went pretty smoothly, and for the evening we went to Bill's house for the baby shower that E missed. This was an interesting experience, Finster loved exploring, eating the bird treats on the floor (take note), and terrorizing the conure, Kiwi. Finster loves playing with Bill, mainly because Bill gives him lots of attention and plays rough with him. Finster and Kiwi first met with Finster in his crate. Kiwi was a little nervous, which is to be expected. Nothing too exciting happened. Then we let Finster out of the crate and we tried to introduce them by holding on to Finster and Bill put Kiwi near Finster. Finster always got excited and made Kiwi fly, which caused Finster to chase him. We did this a few times but Finster just got too excited, I got too nervous, and I think Kiwi thought we were nuts. I didn't want a bird casualty on my hands. After Bill and I played with Finster for a while I put him in his crate to settle down. After about an hour or so of being in there Finster tossed his dinner. This pretty much ended the night. I cleaned out his crate and we left a little bit after that.

I put Finster in his crate when we got home and decided to put in the kitty bed for him to sleep on thinking he might sleep through the night.


Chris Acton Fri Feb 24, 04:17:00 PM  

TGIF indeed. At least he's pretty good at work, when someone isn't telling him to get a curtain rod or something crazy like that.

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