Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Day 51 - Monday (Day off for President's day):
Today was another suck of a day. I spent the morning finishing up my paper, I can't wait until this BS is over. We had a meeting with our accountant from 330-430 so Finster was in his crate from around 3-6pm. Erica, me and Finster played a ton when we got home. We played pickle in the middle with him. He got so worked up he was barking at his ball when he couldn't get it :) Funny stuff. Then Erica and I watched some Dog Whisperer, what a cool show! That guy has some control over dogs, it's amazing! I've started incorporating some of his techniques with Finster. For example when Finster grabs something he isn't supposed to have I stand over him in a dominant position, which, amazingly makes him drop it. This shows him that I am the dominant one. Interestingly enough, since I've starting being more dominant he has stopped humping me :) I'm not sure if I have mentioned this yet, but Finster has learned "roll over" now too. He doesn't make it all the way over, only to his back, but that's just a matter of time. It's funny because when I tell him to roll over (when he's in a lay position) he gets excited and barks at my hand signal :0 Another note, over the weekend I put Finster on his carpet and had him sit/stay while I went upstairs and took some chicken out of the freezer! He was still sitting when I came back, so cool!

Today I looked up Kidney failure on the internet. If that is what is causing the dripping problem the outlook isn't good. The options are kidney transplant, or euthanasia! He has to go back at the start of March for blood tests. His dripping problem is still there :( Luckily he hasn't shown any other signs that would indicate kidney failure (vomiting, lack of appetite, etc). The symptoms that do match are excess drinking of water and excess production of urine. Finster always acts like he is starving for water, which might be the case seeing that he only gets 1 liter a day (vets orders). On the plus side Finster has fattened right up. I think he is about the perfect weight now (40lbs!) you can still see the outline of his ribs, but they don't stick out like they used to. I'm giving him 4 cups of food a day now.


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