Friday, February 10, 2006

Day 41 - (Friday - with mom again):
Finster had some problems at like 5am. He woke me up barking because he pee'd in his crate again. Dunno what the problem is, I guess he just had some extra pee left the night before. So, I took out the plastic liner and just put him on the concrete floor. He was good at 7 during our morning play time. I've started doing Lay/Stay with him and he has that pimped. It was pretty easy because he was already so good with Sit/Stay. Also, I started doing "Roll-Over". He did it once out of about 5, but that was it. He will get that soon no doubt. He also gets his ball now on command. He won't seek it out yet, I have to be standing over it pretty much before he realizes what I want.

Apparently, the day at the store went well, this was the comment of the day:
17:03:16) e: can i just tell you that this dog has been SO GOOD today
(17:03:27) buffyblice: good, that makes me happy
(17:03:32) e: hes such a good dog
(17:03:33) e: my god
(17:03:35) buffyblice: i know
That's about the best compliment he can get from a tough critic :)

Friday night we went to a friends house who have a 9 month old beagle. Finster was slightly bigger than Rosco, and was certainly the dominant male. Rosco got a couple of licks in but overall he had his tail between his legs, poor little guy. It was a barkfest all night. Most of the time they stood within 3 feet of each other and just barked. It was somewhat amusing, somewhat annoying after 5 minutes of it. They played much better outside because Rosco is faster than Finster so he could get away from him. Inside Finster kept cornering Rosco and then they would just bark at each other. Finster didn't do so well at the house training, he pee'd in their house 3 times! I guess it didn't help that he cleaned up Rosco's water as soon as he got there. It was a pretty good night overall, they got some quality playing in.


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