Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Day 44 - Monday (1/2 day at work - sit in the car):
This morning he woke me up at 4am again, but he held it until I got him outside, phew.
Today we took a 1/2 day at work. We had meetings all afternoon for the store. I left work at 1230 and took Finster to the park. We went down the twisty slide together :) The first time Finster was cool and jumped right on. The 2nd time he had reservations and the 3rd time I had to beg him to come down with me. It was pretty funny watching him hold on for dear life. Finster was in the car from 130-3pm then out for a little 5 minute pee, and then back in the car for our 2nd meeting from 4-5. He did great in the car, no problems at all, probably slept most of the time. Then we went home and had our usual evening. He can pull off an around the world lay/stay now. That's where I tell him to lay/stay and then walk all the way around the basement back to him.


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