Monday, February 06, 2006

Day 36 (Sunday - Church/school work):
Sunday was a fairly typical Sunday. We woke up and played with Finster until 1045am when we went to Church. Finster got crated from 1045 until 2pm, which went fine. Then I took him out and played with him for about an hour. Then just let him run the basement while I started on my 15 page paper. I ended up putting him on his runner and then his crate so I wasn't interrupted so often by checking what he was up to. I pounded out 5 pages by the time Erica got home from her trade show at around 5pm. Then we played with Finster for a while longer. I started putting food under tupperware dishes. He figured out how to flip them in about 30 seconds, so now he is always checking under them for food. There were no accidents today, he went to the door to go out about 20 times, and no crate accidents. Finster now goes up the stairs and tries to get upstairs. He has managed to make it up and through the door a few times. We have to keep that door shut now :) When we brought Finster home we bought him a little floor mat/carpet for him to sit on in the basement. He loves sitting on it to chew on stuff. In the past month he has also chewed on it quite a bit, it's all rags now. It wasn't a good choice to let him chew on the carpet because now he thinks that all carpet is fair game for chewing. To counteract this I have given him a big carpet remnant from our carpet upstairs. He loves getting on it but now whenever he chews on it I divert his attention and/or tell him now. I had to resort to spraying him with the water bottle once to get him to stop. This should be an interest experiment :).


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