Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Day 32 (Wednesday - work/vet):
Today had a typical start. Up at 7 to play for 30 min, then to work. Finster retrieved across the yard again this morning, it's great! The morning was uneventful except for 1 boredom bark and his hilarious snoring while sleeping. He also has a funny habit of barking in his sleep. It's quiet so it's really funny. It sounds like he's barking with his mouth closed; well I guess he is. On our lunch walk today Finster did pretty good loose leash walking with one exception. He has a problem when we get in front of our office he starts pulling like crazy to get it. It's retarded and annoying because then it takes 10 minutes to go 100 yards. Whenever he pulls I have to stop him, turn him around and then back around again in attempts to stop him from pulling/leading.
The vet appointment was ok, Finster gained 10 lbs in 4 weeks, he is up to 27lbs. George said that it's not a urinary tract infection, which is unfortunate because the alternative is kidney malfunction, or he might be getting too much water. The vet said to give him more food, from 3 cups a day to 3 3/4 cups a day and only 1 liter of water a day. He said that the water seems to be passing right through him and the urine's specific gravity is too high (or too low, can't remember). I started giving Finster the Purina One Large dog breed with his original Development and growth.


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