Thursday, February 23, 2006

Day 54 - Thursday (Woot sleep):
This morning Finster slept until 615am! Getting closer to 7am. I truly think that he is just barking because he has to pee really bad, not because he wants to get out of his crate. My reasoning is because after I take him out to pee I put him right back in his crate (no playing is allowed at this hour) he just goes back to sleep. I would think if he was barking to get out of his crate he would continue barking after I re-crate him. This morning I did another sit/stay while tossing food on the floor! He stayed until I told him to come, he didn't even flinch at the food :) We also did a 1/2 roll over. He gets so excited when I tell him to roll over, it cracks me up, he barks and bites at my rotating finger as I give him the roll over signal.

For lunch Finster and I went to the park and he got to play with a lab/boxer mix. :) He loved it and got all wet and muddy. Oscar wasn't being submissive like Cocoa was but he wasn't super aggressive either. They just jumped and bit each other for about 20 minutes while I talked to the owner. Good times, now Finster is tired out and sleeping.

After work I stopped by Ames St. bridge again to get some (forbidden) night shots again. I finally found a good vantage point and I think I got some decent shots finally. Finster did his job by sitting patiently in the car. When we got home we played until dinner. I started teaching him to "get his Frisbee" and he caught on a little. He got it a few times on his own, but must of the time he only knew what I wanted him to get if I was standing over the Frisbee and kicking it lightly. Also, he made a few attempts at catching the Frisbee. To the untrained eye it probably looked more like him jumping up and running his head into the Frisbee, but to me it looked like he was trying to catch it. After dinner E and I went grocery shopping :(. When we got home E and I played with Finster a bit more. Then he settled down and slept on E's lap; ahh the 40lbs lap dog, soon to be the 100lbs lap dog.


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