Sunday, February 26, 2006

Day 56 - (Saturday - Houdini dog):
WOOOT! Finster slept through the night. I woke up at 7am to let him out to pee. He wasn't barking, I am just used to this schedule I guess. When I went down there Finster was lying in the kitty bed but the odd thing was the side door to his crate was wide open. I don't just mean cracked, I mean it was open by 2 feet. The silly dog didn't get out and terrorize the basement, or go upstairs and eat the furniture, no, laid in his crate like a good magician :) After I let him out I went back to bed for an hour or so. Then I got up and played with him as usual. At 11 I had to go to Monroe for new tires and a NYS inspection. I took Finster with me because I wanted to tire him out. The plan for the day was to leave him in the car between 1pm and 3pm so I wanted to make sure he was dead tired during this time. While the car was being services I took him for about a 3 mile walk from Monroe to the Oatka creek near the library. When we got back to Monroe an hour later the car still wasn't ready so I took Finster inside to wait. He was fine, I found some crap in my pocket for him to play with/destroy. After about 30 minutes of waiting /playing Finster went over to the entrance rug and laid down, I guess me tiring him out worked :). When my car was done I took Finster out to the car and he fell asleep immediately.

He slept until 330 straight through. At 330 he was still sleeping but I woke him up to let him pee and to introduce him to some of Erica's friends at the store.

After the store we went to my sister's to visit with my parents, and Finster's birthing human parents, Steve -n- Lisa. They both admitted that Finster was the greatest dog that they had ever known, and quite possibly the greatest dog ever born. They raved about how smart and handsome he is and how they can barely go on without him in their house; they miss him so much that it breaks my heart. The world really isn't fair!

Finster and Cocoa exhausted themselves completely, and Finster got a good deal of attention from the nieces, nephew and cousins. I think he got 76 sit/lay down/roll over commands within a 10 second period after I gave the kids some dog food :)

Then we went to Finster's grandma and grandpa Caldwells. Finster slept, as usual at their house. Then home and to bed again. I put the kitty bed in there with him again tonight.


Anonymous Mon Feb 27, 05:36:00 AM  

You're going to have to get a bigger KITTY bed soon,maybe lion size. Finster has become the gentleman I knew he would be.

Anonymous Mon Feb 27, 11:08:00 AM  

I think you are baiting us with those, no comment.

Darrick Mon Feb 27, 11:57:00 AM  

Oddly enough, a "no comment" is still a comment :) And with regards to my version of your praise of Finster, silence is consent, therefore, you obviously agree with everything I said :)

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