Monday, June 05, 2006

Day 154 - Friday (London):
Today was a fairly typical day. For the morning we went on our usual loop walk. In the woods I saw 3 deer and we (the deer and I) stood still and stared at each other for about a minute.

For lunch I went to the Laundromat and then to the Henrietta park. They installed a new playground there so there are now kids playing on it everytime I go there. We instead walked through the park to the exercise trail (about 1/2 mile track). We walked around it once and on the 2nd time around I saw a dog and his owner on the other side going in the same direction that we were going in. I turned around to go meet up with this couple and am glad I did. Jeff, the owner, was deaf and his dog was a shaved Old English Sheepdog appropriately named London. This dog had one brown eye and one blue eye, I have to admit, I like them shaved better and the dog seemed to enjoy it also. He was pretty high energy and Jeff and I let Finster and him off the leash to romp. They had a blast running around each other, Finster, as usual, had a hard time keeping up with London. Eventually Jeff and I started walking towards the creek and when we got near it Finster made a B-Line to it and London followed. Then they ran up and down the creek as Jeff and I tried to call them back. They went out of sight a few times but always came back. We finally got them out and then we departed. It's cool meeting other dog owners like this, and it's great to see people of all types enjoying their dogs. It was interesting trying to communicate with Jeff, if after a few attempts I still didn't understand him he would write the words in the dirt.
After work Finster, E and I hung out on the deck in front of a fire :).


WNYLocals Tue Jun 06, 08:05:00 AM  

Do you have to install a playground? What do you do, run the command script and it appears? Enlighten me sage.

Darrick Tue Jun 06, 09:57:00 AM  

Yes in fact you do "install" a playground. This is based on the fact that the playground in question was made up of many pre-built components, in which case it was in fact an installation. The previous playground was made of wood and therefore it was likely built. For more information on the difference between installations and constructions please consult the nearest 'your mom'.

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