Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Day 167 - Thursday (Don't remember):
Day 168 - Friday (Morning walk):
Today started out a bit different than usual. I had an oil change appointment at Monroe at 745am, an early bird special for 10.99!!! During the oil change Finster and I walked down (route) main street to the Oatka creek and back. It was a joyous occasion, a wonderful summer morning :)
After the appointment we went to work. For lunch we went to the Canal boat launch and Finster and Oscar swam for a solid hour fetching crap out of the nice clean canal.
In the evening E and I hung out with Finster on the deck. Finster loves being outside at night. We turn on the outside light for him and it provides him with hours of entertainment. His main objective is to eat as many bugs as possible. He stares at the wall calculating the perfect moment to attack his prey and devour his snack. Moths are his favorite, likely because they are big and slow and likely taste fantastic.


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