Monday, June 05, 2006

Day 155 - Saturday (The rainout):
My first game of the season got rained out today. Finster and I hung out in the basement all morning as it was pouring outside. Quite boring for everyone involved. We went into the garage and did some fiddling there but other than that nothing was happening. At around 1 we went to the store for an event. The rain finally stopped around that time so Finster hung out in the back of the store in his fenced in area. He got a few visitors back there from the event. One of which was my pa. He loves my dad and my dad loves him. My dad ended up with a muddy face from hugging Finster :) Finster actually does the submissive urination with my dad. He grunts and wiggles while my dad pets and hugs him, it's quite funny! He also got a visit from Mary which excited him immensely. Mary was loud and excited and Finster fed off that energy by bouncing around and trying to wiggle/jump on her, he was on the leash so he really didn't get a chance.

After the event we came home to drop Finster off then we went to Erin's for our first dog birthday party (believe it or not). I left Finster loose in the basement again which worked out great for all involved. He didn't touch a thing in the basement, so sweet!


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