Thursday, June 15, 2006

Day 165 - Tuesday (Long day in the basement):
I took today off to go to the NAIBA Trunk show with E. For the morning I took Finster on the usual walk around the loop trail, albeit at 545am :) Finster was still sleeping when I went down to get him up, and he didn't look too happy about going for a walk at that hour.
The trunk show was is Syracuse and was scheduled to go from 9-5pm. We had to leave at 7am to get there when it started. If we stayed until 5 that would put us back home at 7pm, a full 12 hours for Finster in the basement. I asked the neighbor (Sedona's owner) if he would come over and let Finster out around noonish, and he did.

We ended up getting home at 3 after we went to all the meetings, ate some free lunch and got as many free books as we felt right getting. Trunk shows rule! Finster did fine in the basement again. I think he was napping when we got home and Don let him out at around 1230 to pee.

After we got home E went back to the store and Finster and I hung out around the house after going for a little 30 minute walk. While we were home I decided to try training him a little more with the come command, the most challenging of all. I tied 20' of clothesline around his collar and followed him around for a while. I waited for him to drink out of the ditch before I gave him the first come command. He usually completely ignores me when he's drinking out of that, and he did again this time. Only, I had the upper hand ;) I gave him a nice tug and he came. Then he went back to drink again, and ignored me again so I gave him another tug. The 3rd time he listened, woot, and I didn't have to tug him to get him to come. We'll see how well it works later on though.


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