Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Day 171 - Tuesday (Work alone):
Today I went back to work without Finster. He went to the store with E for the day because we had guests from NJ visit us at work. He did well at the store in his wonderful fenced in area. E said that he refused to pee in his area and ended up holding it until noon after E realized what he was doing. She said he pee'd forever when she let him out.
After work E and I went to my baseball game (we won!). Finster had too much pent up energy for E to control him. He pulled her over going after a foul ball while she was sitting in a chair. One of the foul balls that Finster retrieved E took from him and started walking back to the field; Finster thought she was playing and went for the ball and accidentally got her hand instead. This landed Finster in the car for the remaining 2 innings of the game. After the game Erin and Sparkles, Rokes, Swack, and Tim (Swack's friend) came over for some pizza. While Erin went to get the pizza Swack played rough with Finster. He thoroughly enjoyed it :) he was pouncing on him and wagging his whole body. The game was up though when he got Swack's hat off his head :) He also got to play tug and fetch his ball, so he was plenty happy to burn off some energy. We left Finster and Sparky in the basement unsupervised while we ate, and they were perfect, we didn't hear a peep out of either of them the whole time. They both stood on the stairs (Sparky on the top, Finster 6 steps down) waiting for us to come let them free.
After dinner and after the boys left Rokes, Erin, E and I had a rockin' printing party! All the cool people were in attendance and we got quite efficient once we got the printer to print yellow, that dastardly yellow! Rokes rocked out a few origami swans from the ruined prints. During the party Erin and I took the dogs for a walk. They did great on the walk, Finster pulled a bit, but much better than usual. It was either because it was pitch black out or because of the slip leash that I got from Cornell.


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