Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Day 169 - Sunday (The long one):
Sundays are always long days and this one was not an exception. We hung out at home until around 11 and then headed, Finster in tow, to the inlaws. The first thing Finster did when we got there was headed to the pond for a dip. It was about 90 so it was warranted. While in the pond he found 2 dead birds and successfully rolled in one of them and sniffed the other. A little later Erin and Sparkles showed up and Finster tried, yet again, to play with Sparky. This time it worked much better because we both just let them off their leash to run. This works so nicely because Sparky can run from Finster and neither one of them seem to mind the running. We left them off the leash and free the whole afternoon and there was only one incident. After lunch Sparky and Finster were lying on the deck. Sparky was behind the bench and Finster was lying in front of the door about 7 feet away. This was much too far away for Finster so he kept inching closer and closer. When he got within 3 feet Sparky drew the line, he went after Finster and bit him (at least I think he did, Finster cried like a school girl). For a bit after that Finster kept his distance.
At around 230 we took the dogs up to Grandma C's house to see the rest of the family. I kept Finster on his leash so he didn't jump on the 70+ year old grandparents, that might be disastrous. He doesn't usual jump, but who knows. When they got the bean bag game out Finster has real problems with his leash. He kept trying to retrieve the bean bags on every throw. Eventually, I tied him up to the tire swing and he chewed on the rope a bit, but that only distracted him for 10 minutes. Eventually he got bored with the bean bags and he just laid down for a bit until we left for my parents.
When we got to my parents I put Finster in the huge fenced in back yard while we ate. I love it there, I don't have to worry about him. After lunch my dad went out to play Frisbee with all 3 dogs, Finster and his 2 dogs. Finster didn't bother retrieving the Frisbee (he doesn't handle competition well) rather he let Tilly get it and then he would take it from her about 20 feet from my dad and then he would bring it back to my dad; a relay-retrieve if you will.
When we finally got home Finster crashed in exhaustion :) It was a long day for him too.


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